About Us

St Clements is the market-leading software solutions provider for electricity and gas settlements validation, DUoS billing and registration systems in Great Britain. We also provide bespoke systems analysis, application development, data migration, implementation and training services.

St Clements is owned by a number of the largest electricity supply groups in the UK and has an excellent track record of delivery. We supply our solutions to most of the major players in the GB electricity market. The company is based in Daventry which provides a central location from which to support all of our customers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Established in 1990, St Clements has participated in all of the major changes in the UK electricity market, many of which it has influenced from the inside. Our team of skilled and knowledgable staff have the experience to implement our products and deliver any necessary customisation and implementation services in a safe and dependable manner for you.

The St Clements approach to building systems is based upon three core competencies:

  • Active collaboration with our customers
  • UK electricity and gas industry knowledge
  • Software application development expertise

Our products have earned a strong reputation with their users. If you are interested in any of our products (or other services that we could provide) we would be pleased to talk to you. We would be happy to put you in touch with any of our customers to provide you with an independent view of the company and its products.

If you are considering doing business with us, please read our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement here.