The Metering Point Registration System (MPRS) is the core solution which manages MPAN registration/change-of-supplier in the deregulated electricity market in Great Britain.

MPRS is the key software component used by Distribution businesses to deliver their licence obligation of providing a Metering Point Administration Service (MPAS).

MPRS is constructed in accordance with Part IV of the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) and is currently used by all Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Independent Distributor Network Operators (IDNOs).

Introduced in 1997, MPRS has continued to evolve and is regularly updated to reflect industry and user changes. Today MPRS represents a functionally rich application that is at the heart of competition in domestic electricity supply, it supports interaction between supply and distribution market participants by providing the following functions:

  • Skeleton MPAN record creation
  • Change of Supplier registration
  • Objection processing
  • Changes to Distribution owned data
  • Changes to Supplier owned data
  • Enquiries
  • Reporting.

MPRS has been updated to provide vital access control data to the new central Data Communications Company (DCC) in order to control supplier access to new Smart meter data.

MPRS runs on an IBM System P Server with an Oracle 12c Release 2 database. It uses Oracle's Application Server to allow end users to access the application through a web browser.

If you would like further information on MPRS please contact St Clements.

Download a MPRS brochure